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Pope says “nature never forgives.” blames covid-19 on climate change.

No-one can be as audacious to link fire, floods and COVID-19 pandemic to climate change as the Holy father. A New York Post article this month reported on Pope Francis latest statement on climate change. He stated; “There is an expression in Spanish: ‘God always forgives, we forgive sometimes, but nature never forgives,’” the pope said in an interview published Wednesday in The Tablet, a United Kingdom-based Catholic weekly.

The pope went on to say he believed the COVID-19 outbreak that has ravaged the globe could inspire change. He also said that “this is the time to take the decisive step, to move from using and misusing nature to contemplating it.”

Apparently our government has been inspired by the Pope’s latest narrative of not using or misusing nature, by closing off nature trails, forests, arresting anyone who dares to paddle in the ocean while isolated from everyone else. In fact, we are not even allowed to contemplate nature in many cases. In California, Santa Monica closed beach parking lots to deter people from contemplating. Meanwhile, crowds are still allowed in big chains like Walmart stores and alike.

I think the Holy Father has forgotten that nature is precisely what people need to connect directly to God. Also, we “humans” are part of nature, we are God’s creation. Perhaps he ought to explore the real reason as to why we have a global pandemic. As a matter of fact, he should start by asking the Vaccine Savior Bill Gates, who warned about a global pandemic in 2015. Also, on November, 2019 billionaire Bill Gates in his prophetic Netflix series called “Explained” speaks about Chinese wet markets potentially spawning a disease, warning that it could spawn a deadly pandemic for which the world was unprepared. Gates also warned about the pandemic’s devastating effect on society months before the outbreak.

In addition, because the pope clearly understands economics, he continued on to say that “he wanted a response from world leaders that focuses more on humans and the environment than the economy.” How exactly will humans be able to survive without the free exchange of good and services is perhaps a great mystery. As the pandemic is threatening the world with a food shortage crisis as U.S meat supply is perilously close to a shortage. Insufficient food increased malnutrition, especially in children, and plunged already poor people deeper into poverty. Of course, the shortage in food supply as workers are ordered to lockdown will have the deepest impact on the poorest places of the world.

 Pope Francis has confessed to being profoundly influenced by communism when discerning his vocation and says that, while he rejected its materialism, he found its other elements in harmony with the social doctrine of the Catholic Church. Perhaps, his deep communist views explains why he believes that the economy does not depend on humans.

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