Protests On The Rise Amid Unconstitutional Coronavirus Lockdown

Protesting is on the rise throughout America. The protesters believe their God Given Rights are being taken from them. These include the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All are being whisked away from these individuals. The government is using the Coronavirus, as a scapegoat to take freedom, away from we the people. Once, the government succeeds life will become “normal” for a while. Though, if one looks at the Patriot Act as an example. They would see the new “normal” has many more restrictions. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” is a familiar state of affairs.

The patriots see that their very core freedoms are being confiscated. This includes religious freedom, peaceful assembly and freedom of the press. Human contact is now, not allowed in many states. As of today 42 United states governments have stated that their citizens can only go outside for “essential services” deemed by the government. Americans in locked zones, must stay apart at least 6 feet from each other. This nullifies Americans God Given rights of assembly and religious freedoms. In fact, a Pastor in Florida Revered Rodney Howard Browne was arrested. This was because of him keeping a house of God open!

The oxymoron of Coronavirus has hit small businesses hard. Mom and pop stores have been closed while the mega corporations including Walmart and McDonald are allowed to stay open. This should seem concerning. The government wants to stop the spread of coronavirus by closing small stores and leaving huge Walmart’s full of people open? This seems like corporate fascism, by citizens being only allowed to go at “company stores”, for basic necessities.

American patriots are now protesting, against this tyranny. In Raleigh North Carolina 100 people gathered to protest the shutdown. Then the gestapo, ordered them all to leave. The police then arrested a defenseless woman. While police are releasing pheoiphiles across the country because of fears of the Coranavirus! The police are clamping down on protesters, around the country. This is destroying the American Republic. The Free American Press will continue to proclaim our God Given Rights.

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