There is a reason why banks are manipulating Silver. The banks want to keep the prices down. Now, you may be wondering “why do the banks want to keep silver down, when they are the biggest owners of it”. There are three main reasons for this.

The first reason, is that banks want to buy silver up cheaply! Banks like JP Morgan are buying a lot more silver than they are selling. In fact, JP Morgan is the biggest owner of Silver in the World! We believe the bankers like to keep the price of silver down, so they can buy it up! Since January of 2018, JP Morgan Chase has increased its silver stockpiles by slightly more than 20 million ounces to 139,122,953 ounces in its regulated facility. JP Morgan Chase now owns 53% of the total 261 million ounces of silver held in vaults

Another, reason is that the banks have to keep their Ponzi scheme afloat. They need to protect their scheme of making money out of nothing. If the Federal Reserve, cannot keep the dollar to silver exchange rate low, they run the risk of their house of cards falling. If Silvers becomes too valuable in comparison to the Dollar, it will break the dollar! It would allow for run away inflation. Countries and people would start to trust Silver more than US Company Store Notes. If Silver broke through Bank manipulation, we may even have a chance to go back to a Gold/Silver Standard.

The third reason for the manipulation is for Industrial Use. There are many electronic companies that use Silver in their components. They do no want to pay a lot for the Silver because that would keep their profit margin low. Therefore, the banks manipulate Silver to help Companies they own or have loaned out too.

This picture shows us what Silver is used for.

The question arises “What does banks manipulating Silver, mean for us”? Well, it means that the Banks do not want us to return to sound money. They want us to use their Federal Reserve tokens, to keep us under the company store! They then, can make money out of nothing to enrich themselves and their friends!

We must return to sound money! Please check out this Video were I discuss Silver Manipulation with Chris Marcus

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