The stock trading platform Robinhood is a scam. When you buy stock on Robinhood, you do not really own it. In fact, it is Robinhood who owns the stock! This is because you are not buying directly from the company, which owns it. You are having the exchange buy it from the company!

Robinhood is acting as a bank. That is why they can let you join for “free”. But, as we know, any company which added $3.4 billion to its balance sheet during the GameStop stock squeeze, after suspending trades for a week, ain’t free. Indeed, Robinhood is selling your information for profit! Even though Robinhood advertises itself as a “free” app, it still generates income through a process called payment for order flow. Essentially, when a person trades on the app, Robinhood sends that trade to a larger entity, which is able to leverage thousands of orders at once for a slight advantage. The larger entity then compensates Robinhood for the orders.

We now see that Robinhood is not for the “little guy”. The company owes its allegiance to the “big guys”. It makes all its money from squashing the “little guy” for the benefit of the “big guys”. We do not trust any company, which would stop the trading of a stock such as Gamestop, to benefit a small group of rich men! Robinhood is a scam.

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