Bill Gates


Murderous felons are being released all over the United States. The rule of law has been completely thrown out the window. Our Constitution has been made null and void by our criminal politicians. People in power are using the Coronavirus as Trojan Horse for control. The government is now releasing criminals and arresting people protesting for their right to work. This is chaos.

The rich are getting richer with this virus. Big box stores get to stay open, while small businesses can not stay open. Bill Gates actually “predicted” the Coranavirus Now, we see the government releasing dangerous criminals. The governments Machiavelli defense of releasing criminals, is to stop the spread of coranavirus in prisoners! They really want mass unrest.

Thousands of hardened criminals are being released throughout the United States. From New York to California. This is unprecedented state of affairs. Child abusers are allowed to walk free and clear! This is a oxymoron. The government is trying to “save lives” by releasing killers.

Anarchy has succumb. According to the Woodland Democrat “James, was pending multiple felony charges after being released from custody in Yolo County on April 9, according to Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Raven. He committed additional felonies on April 13, and on April 18, when he was arrested again by Woodland police.” This example shows us the insanity of our government. “

The American people can defeat the New World Order. We can restore the rule of law and our God given rights to the land. You can change this. One can run for political office to stop this insanity. We can also hold protests against Corporate Fascism. Let us save America!

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