Healthcare surveillance?

According to an article on Politico, White House senior adviser Jared Kushner’s task force has reached out to a range of health technology companies about creating a national coronavirus surveillance system to give the government a near real-time view of where patients are seeking treatment and for what, and whether hospitals can accommodate them, according to four people with knowledge of the discussions.

Whether this new system of surveillance will be only limited to COVID19 patients is highly unlikely. As the government continues to undermine our constitutional rights, this new surveillance method will likely evolve rapidly into more invasion of privacy by our government.

Furthermore, the article states that “already, the Trump administration has sought to ease data-sharing rules and assure health data companies they won’t be penalized for sharing information with state and federal officials — a move driven in part by Kushner’s push to assemble the national network, according to an individual with knowledge of the decision.”

Dr. Ron Paul stated that politicians, bureaucrats, and special interests have for years been trying to create a database of all Americans’ medical records that could be accessed by federal bureaucrats and government-favored special interests. The 2008 “stimulus” bill included federal funding to develop a system to store healthcare records electronically. This was a step toward creating a federally controlled database of all Americans’ healthcare records.

In addition, “unique patient identifier” has also been a plan by the federal government to access control to our medical records. As suggested by the vaccine czar, Bill Gates a “digital certificate” should be issued to prove people have received the COVID19 vaccine once it is rolled out. At the same time, Dr. Fauci suggested that if anyone has contracted the virus should be issue a so called “coronavirus immunity cards.” It’s obvious that the orowellian plan is well underway.

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