We have seen an unprecedented rise of people being banned because of their views on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Many people will say after they get banned on these platforms “What can I do now”. Well, they can join an Alternative Social Media site, one that care about their God Given Right to Freedom of Speech! If enough people join these sites, the monopoly of thought Facebook, Twitter and Youtube will be broken. Therefore, I am making a list of all the good alternative sites The Free American Press uses. I will divide them in two categories, video uploaders like YouTube and Social Media like Twitter and Facebook.

ALTERNATIVE Sites For Video Sharing

There are many great alternatives to Youtube. Here is their names and their links. Just press their names to go to their sites.

UgeTube is a great alternative to YouTube. It is my favorite site for posting videos. This site is great for YouTubers because they can move their YouTube videos in minutes to UgeTube from their import box. All you need is the link to the video then your title, video, and description immediately uploaded, so you can post. This site, also supports our Constitutional rights to Freedom of Speech, so they do not censor. Their motto is “broadcast freedom”.


Bitchute is probably the biggest video sharing Alternative site. They do not ban people and they support freedom of speech. It is a great place to share the “forbidden” knowledge!


Brighteon was made to support Freedom of Speech. Therefore, it is a great site to post videos on.

This video sharing platform has its own cryptocurrency. It gives members their Cryptocurrency for content. Their motto is “content freedom”. It is a great place to get more exposure on your videos.


Rumble is a video sharing platform based in Canada. It is a site that you can also, post your videos on.

Alternative Social Media Sites

Facebook and Twitter have some great Alternative Free Speech social media platforms. People no longer need to be part of Communist Twitter and Facebook. Here they are with the links shown by hitting the site name.


Parler is probably my favorite Social Media site. The big tech monopoly was able to purge it online, but it is now back! This site is great for posting content.

Minds is a Cryptocurrency Free Speech Social Media site. This site rewards content creators with minds tokens. The creators can use these tokens to boost their views on their posts. I highly recommend this site.


This site does not censor peoples accounts. They support Freedom of Speech. Please check it out! It is great for posting your views.


MeWe is all about privacy. Their motto is No Ads, No Spyware, No BS. This is a great site to be on.


All these sites are great to join and can help get your message across. It is also great to make your own website as well. I hope you enjoyed this article and join these sites. Thanks for reading

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My Name Is Alexander Horat And I Am 17 Years Old. I Want To Protect Our God Given Rights To Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness. My Twitter Account, Which Had 20 Thousand Followers Was Banned When I Was 15. So, I Made https://TheFreeAmericanPress.comTo Fight Censorship And Government Overreach. At The Free American Press I Write Articles, About Breaking News And On Exposing The Communist Agenda In Our Government. I Also Write, On How We Can Reclaim Our God Given Rights. Here Is A Video I Did With Chris Marcus Of Arcadia Economics On Exposing The Criminal Activity In Government.

I Make Videos On And To Express My Views On Subjects Pertaining To Government. Here Are The Links.

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I Plan On Running For Office To Help Americans retake Their Rights.

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God Bless

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