Cryptocurrency Is The New World Currency

This picture is of the 1988 Economist Magazine that explains it all. The picture says get ready for a world currency. It shows an eagle with what looks like a Cryptocurrency coin hanging on its neck. Under the eagle wearing a crown, fiat physical dollars are burning. These physical dollars will not be seen under the New World Currency.

It seems that Cyprtocurrency was planned at least thirty ago and put into main stream view. Now the question arises “who planned it?” The answer is the government. It was the government that started the world wide web. Whomever controls the internet, owns the cryptocurrency. This is because the internet and Cryptocurrency are one of the same. A person needs the internet to use their cryptocurrency.

Many people believe an anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin. A man who has not even released his identity! When something is anonymous, it is typically the government. I do not believe a single Japanese man could evade reporters and people finding out, who he was. Though, a government would have the resources to keep it hidden. Bitcoin was not created by a Satoshi for the “good of all mankind”. It was planned over thirty years before it was “created”. Bitcoin is simply a beta test for a New World Currency.

Now you may be wondering ” why would the government want a digital New World Currency?” Well, it is simply why a government always implements something and that is for control. A government with a world cryptocurrency can control the money supply completely. As of now, an individual can still buy something out of the system with a physical fiat dollar. But, with a world wide cryptocurrency the government has unlimited control on your money. If they feel you are against the state, they can easily drain your cyprtocurrency account. They have the power at their finger tips. They have no need to find you and take your money. With cryptocurrency they can make you starve without even seeing you.

We must stop this fraud Bitcoin. The people of the world must go back to God’s money which is gold and silver. When the United States government was on the Gold Standard it was much more responsible. We also had a much lower homeless rate in this country in that time. The changing of the currency enriched the governments friends and made the people poor. The gap got much bigger under the Fiat System. The reason being, the government gave the vast majority of the new dollars to their friends. It is time for the American people to take a stand for their God Given Rights. It is time to go back to the Gold Standard!



My name is Alexander and I am 17 years old. I was banned of Twitter and I lost 20 thousand followers. I am determined to stop the spread of communism in America. That is why I created https://thefreeamericanpress.com and make videos. I have also made two books Why Illegal Immigration Is Modern Day Slavery and Why We Need The State Of Jefferson. Here are the links 



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  1. Hello, Alexander

    I enjoyed your interview with Chris Marcus on Arcadia. Wanted to make contact and introduce you to my blog, EconomicsWatchdog.com. I think we have a lot in common on our views. I like what you’re doing and would love to exchange conversation with you. I am also, like you, interested in becoming more involved in the political process. I hope to correspond with you soon. Thank you.

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