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The Free American Press is a free speech zone. We believe that freedom of speech is an unalienable right granted to us by God. Censorship is pure tyranny. The opposite of tyranny is Freedom. Good and Evil are fighting continually on this Earth. Freedom and Tyranny are good and evil.

The Triumph of the Human Spirit exists through Freedom and our God Given rights. This Triumph is squashed by Tyranny and Censorship. Our Freedoms are being squashed right now by the heel of a Communist Technocracy. Their main device of tyranny is censorship which is being used to purge the internet of freedom fighters. This Technocracy wishes to enslave the human race and destroy all who opposes their tyrannical mandates.

We will not allow this tyranny to exist. Our plan is to end censorship once and for all. This censorship that has been used by all despotic regimes, which has slithered on this world for the ages. All these regimes have one thing in common, the conquering of the Earths individuals and controlling them. Wherever these regimes gain power they stamp out God Given Rights, first being Freedom of Speech.

Huge multinational tech companies like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are blatantly destroying our First Amendment by censoring content that goes against their Tyranny. The United States Government have done nothing to stop this because they are controlled by the same people behind the scenes. In fact the United States Military created the World Wide Web.

We refuse to be put into digital Gulags and real one. It is time to reclaim our God Given rights. With the Good Gods help we can destroy the tyrannical technocracies and make the internet a Free Speech spot for all. That is the goal for The Free American Press.

Our plan is to reinstate the original Consultation of the United States of America and to instate our God Given Rights, including Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. We must all be in this fight together. As Benjamin Franklin once said “We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.” Please join the Free American Press mailing list and connect with us on Social Media. We recommend Freedom hangouts such as UgeTube, Bitchute, Minds.com and Gab. We only recommend places were they do not censor.

Please donate if you can to support The Free American Press and its Mission. Here are the links. Thank You!



Here is some links to our Social Media https://ugetube.com/@The%20Free%20American%20Press



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